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The Band

Kurt "The Rusthand" Guitar & Vocals

Kurt is an experienced player and has played many gigs, to many to mention over the last 25 years. I started playing guitar when I was 15 years old and was self taught up until I was in my middle twenties were I had some constructive lessons. When I moved from London to St Neots I met Mark the bass player and a very good Friend called Alan who was a great guitar player, but is now unfortunately deceased..RIP AL.. I joined the Ginhowse band with mark and Alan and learnt my trade playing live , I have played abroad all over Europe and in Russia which really has brought me till today, playing in a relaxed great band with good mates,

Its all fun for us and nothing is a chore.

Kurt Plays mostly Fender Strats,Gibson & Les Pauls, AMPS - Quiter Aviator & Sessionette MKll , Boss stomp boxes

Mark "The Dark" Bass Vocals

Started playing bass at the age of 14. By the time I was 15 I was in a band and out gigging

It would be true to say I learnt to play on the road. I am influenced by a vast selection of

music and have played many different genres . I have also depped for quite a few local bands.

Mark plays Warwick basses, Fender Jazz & P , Vanderclay drive units, Mark Bass amps,

Gallien Keuger RB700 Amps loaded with FaitalPRO Loadspeakers. Boss stomp boxs

Steve "Roxstar" Drums

Steve: ERR well I been playing since I was a youngster, and had many influences over the years such as Cozy Powell and Neil Pert, I pride myself on the fact that I am a controlled drummer and can play different styles from Jazz to four four on the floor rock I am sensitive to the music I play, I have played with many bands over the years and been on tours with known bands …and also done theatre work as well

Steve plays Sonar Drums with Zildjian cymbals